Patient Stories


Some of our patients offer a glimpse of their experiences with C. difficile infection,

intestinal microbiota transplant, and what it means to have their health back.


“Would I have to accept that this could be my life forever?”


“The idyllic summer that I had envisioned spending with my young family was instead spent largely in the bathroom, hoping that one day it would not return.”


“My health has been totally restored and I feel my transplant was nothing short of miraculous. Having a doctor like Dr. Khoruts with me every step of the way gave me the courage to get through this difficult time.”


“I honestly believe that the intestinal microbiota transplantation was the reason for my recovery.  Any and all other treatments failed for me.”


“I see a competent program and staff. They listen to me and speak with clarity and care.”


“My only regret is that I couldn’t have gotten the transplant sooner.”


“During the 8 months I spent with recurrent C. diff, I also ended up in the emergency room overnight twice due to a 105 degree fever and dehydration. When I finally received IMT in mid March of 2019, I was afraid I would never recover.”


“I am very happy to have participated in intestinal microbiota transplantation. My anxiety level is way down.”


“It has been over three years since I completed my FMT, and it has made a significant improvement in my current life.”


“What a wonderful feeling of freedom! I don’t think I would ever have recovered from C. diff without the transplant! “


“For me, it wasn’t just the fact that being symptom-free allowed me to resume my life, this treatment allowed me to continue living.”


“It was devasting. I was unable to go out and stayed in most of the time.”


“I am joyfully living my life again.”


“I thought I was in the process of dying. Mentally and physically.”

Amanda Kabage is the Research Program Manager for the Microbiota Therapeutics Program.  She is also a

former recurrent C. difficile patient and recipient of intestinal microbiota transplant.  Here is her story.

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