Barbara’s Story

From 2011 – 2013, I had C. diff five times. Frequent diverticulitis attacks meant taking antibiotics and C. diff always followed. For two and a half years, C. diff totally controlled my life. I was too weak and in pain to function. I lost 14 pounds, and I was depressed and felt hopeless. I saw multiple doctors and had several ER visits – nothing helped. Through a friend, I heard of Dr. Khoruts. I met with him and he diagnosed my overall issue. He then worked together with a surgeon on a care plan for me. I was to have the diseased portion of my colon removed and then a microbiota transplant.

Once I healed from my colon surgery, I received the transplant. What surprised me was how quickly it worked. Within three days I was feeling considerably better. Within a week I felt back to normal. My health has been totally restored and I feel my transplant was nothing short of miraculous.

Having a doctor like Dr. Khoruts with me every step of the way gave me the courage to get through this difficult time. I am especially grateful for the exceptional treatment and caring support from him and his team.

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