Microbiota Research

and Therapeutics

The Microbiome Through the Eyes of Micro Artists

Local kindergarten students had an opportunity to learn about the microbiome
and its impact on health. This is a compilation of their creative interpretations of what
microbes look like. Enjoy more of their art throughout our website!

What we do

Develop effective and practical restorative microbiota therapies and

discover novel strategies to nurture and maintain healthy microbiota.

Our program pioneered the use of IMT to restore intestinal health

and created the first stool donor program worldwide.


The intestine contains highly organized, dense communities of microbes called microbiota. The intestinal microbiota is integral to human physiology and plays an important role in immunity, energy metabolism, and function of the nervous system.

Clostridium difficile

Serious disease can occur when the intestinal microbiota is damaged by antibiotics. One of the diseases is Clostridium difficile infection, commonly known as C. diff or CDI.  Restoration of normal composition of gut microbes via intestinal microbiota transplantation is emerging as the most effective treatment for CDI.

IMT Donors

The idea of donating stool is still quite novel. The process has many parallels to blood donation, with some differences. Our stool donors save lives!

Effective. Safe.

Life Changing.

Intestinal microbiota transplant repairs the healthy composition of gut microbes and restores the body’s defenses against recurrent C. difficile infection.

IMTs performed


IMT success rate

IMT capsules produced


Cost to Patients

Current Research




Our team collaborates with clinicians and researchers around the world to explore novel therapeutic uses for intestinal microbiota transplants. The microbiome is associated with many aspects of both health and chronic conditions. Learn more about our contributions to research in the following conditions and more:



> Crohn’s Disease

> Autism Spectrum Disorders

> Food Allergies

> Advanced Liver Disease

> Ulcerative Colitis

> Checkpoint Inhibitor Colitis

Children's drawings from the 2022-2023 kindergarten class at St. Charles Borromeo



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