Allen’s Story

Having C. difficile had a significant impact on my daily life. Because of the frequency that I needed a bathroom, every activity needed to be planned with the availability of toilet facilities. Often I would stay home so as not to worry about getting to a restroom in time. There were several days I went without eating, hoping for a change. It was a terrible experience.

2015 (Oct) – I left for a four day vacation along the North Shore when on Day 1 I had a bout of diarrhea. Thinking it was “just one of those things,” I continued.  But, instead of disappearing as in the past, it continued. And continued, and continued. It seemed I spent most of my time in or looking for the men’s room. I was glad to return home. I thought this was a bit unusual, but decided I’d let it “run its course” and I’d be okay.

2015 (Dec) – I went to my personal physician and he had me use Pepto Bismol with no improvement, Imodium with no improvement, and then he had me submit a stool sample. I was then informed that I had C. diff. He planned to send me to an Infectious Disease Specialist. For the time being, I was finding some relief from the judicious use of Imodium, but I had been warned that the more I used it the less effective it could become.

2016 (Jan) – The Infectious Disease Specialist prescribed a sequence of Vancomycin pills, and then scheduled a return visit. There was no apparent change in my condition, so a second sequence of medication was prescribed. Again, there was no change.  The specialist contacted the U of M about the IMT program, and an interview was scheduled for the fall.

2016 (Nov) – I had an interview at the U of M and was accepted into the FMT program. I received the treatment and participated in several follow-up interviews.

It has been over three years since I completed my IMT, and it has made a significant improvement in my current life. I occasionally have a bit of GI distress, but I am getting older and accept that over the terrible days of C. diff. I consider myself very fortunate to have received this treatment.

I’d like to thank all those who conceived the idea, developed the process, funded the research, administered the program, analyzed the data, wrote the reports, filed all the papers, ran the errands, made the coffee, and did the myriad of tasks I cannot imagine.  Thank you so much!

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