Sally’s Story

When I had C. diff, I couldn’t do anything, literally, anything. I was nauseous all the time and had no energy at all. I became almost a recluse…

I got C. diff in August 2013 after being in the hospital and receiving large amounts of antibiotics. I thought I was done with it after two rounds of Flagyl. It came back again and I was put on Vancomycin. I was always concerned that it would come back. I became afraid to leave my house in case the diarrhea started again. It came back again and again. I had it eight times over a span of three years. I started to see an infectious disease specialist. I finally read about the program at the U of M and proceeded to try to get in to see them. It was a very frustrating experience. There was a six month waiting list to see one of the doctors on Dr. Khoruts’ team. I kept trying to get an appointment sooner. My infectious disease doctor intervened and I was able to get an appointment, finally.

I had FMT two times. The first one seemed to work, but the C. diff came back a few months later, and then I had the second round. Now, thankfully, it’s been gone for about three years. What a wonderful feeling of freedom! I don’t think I would ever have recovered from C. diff without the transplant!

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