Laure’s Story

I had Cellulitis in August 2018 and was put on antibiotics. The first antibiotic didn’t work and I was put on a stronger one. About a week after I finished the antibiotics, I had what I thought was a relapse because I had a fever and diarrhea again. The doctor diagnosed me with C. difficile quickly and put me on antibiotics. The antibiotics controlled it but did not cure it so when it recurred, I was given a different antibiotic. It recurred again, and again, and I was given different antibiotics. At one point, I was prescribed a more expensive antibiotic and the insurance company would not pay. My doctor recommended a specialist who gave me a fecal microbiota transplantation, which worked.

I am very happy to be off antibiotics, and I am very happy to have participated in the fecal microbiota transplantation. My anxiety level is way down.

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