Jane’s Story

My life would come to a standstill at each flare-up, as I would have to be sequestered in my home near a bathroom. I would feel weak, debilitated, unable to do anything more than watch television. The painful, cramping feelings would persist until I had delivered a specimen for diagnosis to the lab and then received and taken medication (Vancomycin capsules), a process that would usually take two to four days, depending on whether a weekend was involved.

During a one year span, I had many episodes and three transplantations. Physicians involved that year were my internist, an infectious disease specialist, and a gastroenterologist, who referred me to Dr. Khoruts, director of the FMT program at the U of MN. Dr. Khoruts completed my first microbiota transplantation by colonoscopy, as I was due for this routine test. The second and third transplantations were ingested by capsule and administered at home, under the direction of Carolyn Graiziger. Prior to the third transplantation, I received a Zinplava infusion, which seemed to be key to the success of the third transplantation.

For me, it wasn’t just the fact that being symptom-free allowed me to resume my life, this treatment allowed me to continue living. There were times prior to my last transplantation when I suspected the violent symptoms and weight loss would result in my death.

I’m grateful to the team of professionals who diagnosed, treated, and returned me to health through this unique program. I felt informed and respected during the process. Carolyn Graiziger and Dr. Vaughn’s nurse Ann were my lifelines to receiving whatever support I needed in a caring, professional manner. Thank you. Thank you.

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