Barry’s Story

I had a bone marrow transplant (BMT) in early December 2018 after myeloablative induction treatment. Within a week after receiving the stem cells, the C. diff test came back positive and I started on oral Vancomycin. The Vancomycin was ineffective. C. diff impacted my life with urgent diarrhea, cramps, malaise, and mild fever, as well as feeling dirty and decreased physical affection.

I received a single treatment of three capsules in November 2019. After treatment I went for about six weeks without diarrhea and without oral Vancomycin. Because of graft-versus-host disease from my BMT (technically SCT), I did not feel good during this time. Early January 2020 saw me in the hospital for a possible infection and poor diffusion of oxygen from my lungs to my blood. I was put on many antibiotics, which defeated the IMT.

Dr. Khoruts and clinical research coordinator Carolyn G have been great! I see a competent program and staff. They listen to me and speak with clarity and care.

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