Missy Weldy

Missy has been a member of the Microbiota Research and Therapeutics team since 2019. She assists with production of intestinal microbiota transplant therapeutics. Missy also works in a research capacity, testing novel compounds to assess their abilities to suppress C. difficile spore germination and vegetative growth.

After 14 years as a first grade teacher and a teacher evaluator, Missy returned to the U of MN in 2016 to pursue a Master of Biological Sciences degree with a focus on Microbiology. When not in the lab, Missy enjoys practicing yoga, knitting, reading, cooking, music, traveling, and spending time outside with her wife, Erica, and her dogs, Peanut Louise and Florence.

Maradi and Missy in the clean room

C. diff growing in test tubes

C. diff spores

Florence and Peanut Louise

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